Going PRO Talent Fund

The Going PRO Talent Fund, formerly the Skilled Trades Training Fund (STTF), provides competitive awards for the development and implementation of training that addresses documented skill deficits.*

Employers play an integral role in the program by working with their Michigan Works! Agency and partners in economic development and education to:

  • Identify the skill deficit
  • Define the specific skills needed
  • Develop a training plan to address the need

The training must lead to full-time employment or continued employment. Allowable training and targeted funding amounts include:

  • Customized/Classroom Training: up to $1,500 per individual (plus $500 for New Hire Veterans**)
  • On-Site Training: up to $1,500 per individual (plus $500 for New Hire Veterans**)
  • US-DOL Registered Apprenticeships: up to $3,000 per individual (plus $500 for New Hire Veterans**)

Eligible employers must:

  • Demonstrate a need for training that will allow their business to compete, expand and contribute to the local economy
  • Do business in Michigan
  • Be financially sound and current on all federal and state tax obligations
  • Be willing to participate under the project’s eligibility parameters and guidelines

*Currently there is a growing need to fill positions in manufacturing, health care, information technology, agribusiness, energy and construction.

**Required Form DD-214 to be submitted with reimbursement request to obtain the additional funds