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Please Note: In order to slow the spread of COVID-19, West Michigan Works! is cancelling all workshops, hiring events and other group activities until further notice.


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Training creates a highly-skilled workforce and gives workers skills for life

Training programs funded by the Going PRO Talent Fund must lead to a credential for a skill that is transferable and recognized by the industry. This creates a highly-skilled workforce that benefits employers, strengthens communities and gives employees a skill for life. Here is just one example... GE Aviation-Muskegon manufactures [...]

Expungement Clinic Helps Create New Talent Pool

On January 16, 2020, 195 Muskegon County residents entered the doors at our Muskegon Service Center. Even though some had to wait two hours to be seen, the general attitude was of hope and appreciation. Why? Because they were there to apply for an expungement—or have a criminal conviction(s) removed […]

How the Going PRO Talent Fund Helps Local Companies Compete and Win

The success stories highlighting how the Going PRO Talent Fund (GPTF) has impacted a company are as diverse as the companies they represent. The stories include a range of challenges: from general needs, like assistance with increasing efficiencies to reduce costs while maintaining product quality; to highly-specific needs, like ISO [...]

Success Story: Angelique

Success Story

Imagine showing up to your job and learning that your employer had closed overnight. You are left with no income, which means facing foreclosure on your home. Where do you turn to ensure you can care for your family?

It happened to our customer, Angelique, and this is her story.